This article is about Asian artists and bands I’ve recently discovered or known for some time. In this article I will share a few of these artists.



Cuushe is a Japanese female artist raised in around Osaka, and now a Tokyo based artist with a soft enchanting voice which floats in between electronic sounds and field-recordings. If you’d like to label her music, I would say; Dream-Pop. In 2015 Cuushe released the EP “Night Lines” on her based label “flau” and the American indie label “Cascine”.

Cuushe is gradually cementing her place among the experimental elite – joining the likes of Grouper, Björk and Julianna BarwickBokah.



         Yuko Kuno, drew over 3,000 hand drawn sketches to create the animation that fits nicely with Cuushe her songs.

|Chinesefootball & friends

Recently I bought “Come Together” on bandcamp By Chinese Footbal & Friends it includes overall Chinese based emo, Math-Rock, Pop-Punk related bands I suggest you check them all out individually. The first song contains a Beatles cover with their own sound and atmosphere.

the second song is by Oh! Nullah a band that’s politically involved.

the third song on the album is by Emptybottles. A Hong Kong based band. They are influenced by Math-Rock. It also has some ear soothing vocals. they are also influenced by Whence he came and The lovesong (Hardcore/Emo band formed from 1999) Emptybottles aims for that same noisy bliss, as well for the post-hardcore of Eastern local bands from the 00s.



The Lovesong


|Praha Depart

Praha Depart is alternative/noise rock band from Japan formed in 2004 I saw them play a few years ago in a squat building with a friend of mine. The band members Mai Yano (vocal/bass) Tsukasa Kameya (Guitar) Jumpei Yamamoto (Drums) were super friendly and showed a lot of energy on stage.

Check here for more



|Yokan System

in 2013  Mai Yano and and Tsukasa Kameya formed Yokan System they are truly amazing and orginal. Really worth checking out.



Hyukoh is well-known by a lot of people already but still I’m gonna mention them in this article. The english songs are kinda silly. Aside from that, the Korean indie band formed in 2014, consists of Oh Hyuk, Im Dong-gun, Lim Hyun-Jae and Lee In-Woo. *fun fact they are all born in 1993.

Hyukoh released their debut EP “20” on September 18 in 2014. They were on some Korean TV shows and one of their songs appeared in the Korean drama “Reply 1988″ this made them widely famous in Korea and played at Summer Sonic Festival in Japan in 2016.


|Boys Age

Boys age from Japan. Consists of members Kaz and Takamasa Kobayashi. You can call their music uncommon pop, but they also have albums with Slacker, Funk, Garage and punk influences. They released quite a lot songs for a duo that formed in 2014.

check them out here!


|The Black Skirts

The black skirts consists of Korean indie rock one-man band; Bryan Cho, active since 2008.

Bryan Cho was born in Seoul but grew up in New Jersey within the age of 12. He formed a punk band called Castel Prayon with two other members, which eventually became a one-man band imp source. Later, Cho decided to return to Korea to pursue his music career, and changed the name of the band to The Black Skirts.



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