in this issue we gonna share our favourite videogame soundtracks!

Timo’s pick – F-Zero

F-Zero released on the SNES in 1991 is for me personally one of the most fun racing games ever. It’s kinda a hard game but really rewarding. The soundtrack overall is really amazing and fun to listen to. Especially with the nostalgic feel you get with this game.


Chris’ pick – Tony Hawk’s American Sk8land

This great skate game for the DS originally released on the GBA has a great soundtrack. The soundtrack contains mostly punkrock music from bands such as Dead Kennedy’s, Black Flag and The Thunderlords.   You should definitely play this game!


Afbeeldingsresultaat voor Tony Hawk's American Sk8land

Jules’ pick – SSX on Tour

SSX on tour was one of my favorite games for the Nintendo Gamecube. Mainly because of the special appearance of Mario, Luigi and Peach (just like the NBA game for Nintendo gamecube.). Playing this game, I discovered a lot of new alternative music such as Bloc Party, Fu Manchu and LCD Soundsystem.


Sebastian’s pick – Jet Set Radio (ジェットセットラジオ)

Also called Jet Grind Radio in America. The game originally released on the Dreamcast in 2000 has an amazing diverse soundtrack rhythm-heavy and defiant. The involved genres in the soundtrack are J-pop, J-rock, funk, electronic, dance, ska, , rock, acid jazz, trip hop,combined with hiphop you can all hear it back on the JetSetRadio orginal soundtrack the USA release also has metal tracks. You really don’t have to play the game to enjoy this, hopefully you dig it as much as I do! (Jet set radio Future ost)

download the ost

Mac’s pick – Skate 2

Soundtracks in skate games are always great and Skate 2 proves that as no other. The game on its own is amazing to play and the soundtrack got a great vibe, the game features music for everyone from metal to hiphop and so on. The game also left a great impact on the skate community, A lot of people really want skate 4 to happen,for example just check the comments on the instagram of EA.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor skate 2


Luuk’s pick – Dirt Rally

Dirt is a racing game released for the ps3 and xbox 360. The game was called after Colin Mcrae Dirt. But after the famous rally driver crashed in a helicopter crash they changed the name. Dirt 2 has a rock/indie soundtrack on it. The Rat by The Walkmen and Helicopter by Bloc Party are classics for me now because of this game. They also have Dutch, German and Belgium songs on it that aren’t really famous abroad. Dirt 3 has more of a dance/hip hop vibe on it. The Drum and Bass song Blind Faith by Chase and Status is their show piece. Every time you start-up the game you hear the song and it gets me hyped every time.




Jerry’s pick – NBA 2K13

NBA 2k13 was one of my favourite games back in the days. The track list is produced by the one and only Jay-Z including his own songs also tracks by Nas, Kanye West, The Notorious B.I.G. and Santigold, Mobb Deep and many others. it all fits perfectly in the game. I’m not going to recommend you to play this game, but you should definitely check out the the soundtrack. Enjoy!

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