In this article I’ll take you on a little music trip where I will guide you to bands which I think are worth listening to. Just like in the first edition of Weekly Tunes!


|Camp Cope

Australian Melbourne trio Camp Cope with a self-titled album. Up tempo bass and drums and nice harmony with lyrics about shamefull things. For example; passing by a homeless person, getting catcalls and such things. Songs like ‘Flesh & Electricity’ is about wasting away trying to do good in our world.

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|Faith Healer

Edmonton, Canada native Jessica Jalbert, began her musical career as a solo artist, crafting pretty Chamber Pop tunes and releasing a handful of singles. She was part of the Garage Rock trio TeeTahs and was in Renny Wilson’s band Punk Explosion. Jessica thought using her own name might lead people to think she was a folk artist — when really she was more interested in dealing out pop neo-psychedelia she adopted the name Faith Healer.

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They are raw and ragged garage punks from Edmonton, Canada. Caity Fisher on the guitar, Jessica Jalbert on guitar, Jenni Roberts on Drums/Flute and on the bass Renny WilsonBuzzkill” was recorded by Renny in September 2013. Their first song on the album is named Slutfucker with the typical Garage influences and sing-a-long lyrics. Really worth checking out.

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|Forth Wanderers

Ben Guteri on guitar, Ava Trilling on vocals, Noah Schifrin on the bass and Zach Lorelli behind the drums. They come from Montclair, New Jersey. A small town. You might heard of Pinegrove and Jenny Owen Youngs they are also based in Montclair. 

With interlocking, twiddly guitars, intricate drumming, Forth Wanderers provide a stunning, subtle backdrop for vocalist Ava Trilling’s emotional musings.

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Album photo taken by Nikita Poliakoff

|Long Body

Leeds-based lo-fi duo Hayley Smith and Will Cook, Long Body create dream pop/slacker and emo influenced music. You can hear on the track Bad Luck here, Bloom/Wither – Single has a more grunge vibe to it, released on July 9 on the Honeypot Records bandcamp here.

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|Trust Fund

Ellis sings and plays guitar, Roxy plays the bass and sings at times, Grace does vocals and plays the drums when Daniel can’t play, Stefano on the wah pedal, Daniel played drum pads most of the time, Rosie on guitar.

the band members are also involved in other bands who you should check out.

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