Philadelphia based punk fivesome Enamel released an amazing demo in April, 2016. It is pretty straight forward punk with raw female vocals. I just discovered them one hour before writing this article through my friend Lomo Steve (check out his label Richter Scale Records). Amazing band with an amazing sound!



Twitch is a newer Fastcore band from Los Angeles, California. The bands Chainsaw Squid and Drug Mule (RIP Juan) came together and started this amazing project. Definitely check them out if you like grind and fastcore.




PSOAS is an Argentina female fronted Powerviolence band with bandmembers from stevexjobs. They are one of the great bands from Argentina, also check out Vomito Acido, <a href="https://odiosodios how to quickly lose weight.bandcamp.com/”>Odioso Dios and Chaki Chan! You can buy their demo here



|Brutal Youth

Brutal Youth are one of the best melodic hardcore bands out there, their sound is amazing. Great and fun vocals with great lines. The 2010 release ‘Spill Your Guts‘ is still one of my favorite punk releases.a0063422483_10




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