|Timo’s Pick  – Revenge – Infiltration.Downfall.Death

Revenge is a Canadian War Metal band who make one of the most aggresive music ever. They have this amazing and chaotic sound. Infiltration.Downfall.Death is from 2008. The band is still active but doesn’t release as much as they used to. Other War Metal I recommend are Blasphemy, ConquerorSarcofago

|Chris’s Pick – Noir ‎– Models Unrepresentative

Le Chocolat Noir comes with a release on Charlois records for the first time. Cool electro with monotone vocals from Zagreb, Croatia. Go Check this out!


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|Sebastian’s Pick – 무키무키만만수 Mukimukimanmansu 

Mukimukimanmansu Muki plays the janggu, and Mansu plays the guitar. Muki and Mansu! a loud duo, if you check them out the first thing you might only focus on is the screaming and shouting but they also got some rhythmically pleasing songs on the album from 2012. They are with Beatball Records one of the well known indie label in Korea. They worked together with Dalpalan, he is well known in the rock and indie industry H20 and PiPi Band. Either way you might dislike it if not enjoy the music!


|Jules’s Pick – Red House Painters – Songs For a Blue Guitar

The Red House Painters was an american Slowcore band formed in San Fransisco, California. It is, without any doubt, one of my favorite records. I love the mix between calming country-like songs with noisey breaks towards the end of the song. The groove stays calm, but the noise builds up. The last thing I’d like to mention are Mark Kozelek’s bittersweet vocals. It really adds that special feeling to the album. For me. It’s a pity the band broke up in the 90’s. Mark continued with a folk act called Sun Kil Moon.

Go check out Red House Painters. It’s the perfect album for getting comfy in your bedroom.

|Mac’s Pick – King Krule – 6 Feet Beneath the Moon

King Krule is an English singer-songwriter. His music can’t be described by one genre, but is mostly filled with elements like punk jazz, hip hop, dark wave and trip hop. 6 Feet Beneath the moon is his first studio album and was released in 2013.

|Luuk’s Pick – Car Seat Headrest – Teens Of Denial

Frontman Will Toledo (24 years old but looks like a 16 year old) is a mastermind. In only 4 years he has managed to write and produce 7 albums for his band. And this year all the hard work finally payed off. You can say that the song fill in the blank is a hit which is their first ever. But also songs as drunk drivers/killer whales and not what I needed are very good received. They are also known for their extraordinary good live shows which can turn pretty wild pretty fast. A big recommendation for people who love garage rock.

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|Jerry’s Pick – Kid Cudi – Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’

On December 16 Kid Cudi finally released his sixth album. It’s a 87 minute lasting masterpiece, and it contains featurings by Pharell, Andre 3000, Travis Scott and more. The album is released by the label ’Wicked Awesome’. Take a seat and get overwhelmed by Cudi’s masterpiece: Passion, Pain & Demon Slayin’. Enjoy!

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