Timo’s pick – Yheti – Omnifuture EP

Omnifuture is one of the better “trap” projects around. It uses sounds really creative. If happy aliens were coming to get you it were the aliens from the Omnifuture. If you are into alien stuff check out IGLOOGHOST,


Fresh “aqua” electro sounds on the new Lake Haze EP. Go check this out!

Jules’s pick – The Wytches – Bone-Weary

The Wytches are an english Garage/Noise/Doom Surf band from england. Formed in 2011. Last year they’ve released a new single which has a more different vibe than their older releases. But it still has the same eerie horror vibe just like you know them. Go check it out!

Sebastian’s pick – Mangchi – Dont go she gone 

L.A. Based – Mangchi(망치) korean for Hammer is a band I got to known through the podcast DVDASA with Asa Akira and David choe and other people involved decided to start a band with rap and hardcore punk influences and what not. I bought one of their albums on vinyl few years ago, and this album dONt gO sHE GoNe dropped in 2016 and they still tour at the moment Mangchi tong tang tour through USA only and they wont tour after it like ever.  They sing and play all the instruments and switch off on different songs, whether they know how to sing or play is irrelevant. 

Mac’s pick – meltycanon – old compilation 3

Old compilation by meltycanon is a neotrap album with old unreleased work on it, which he also describes as ani-wave. I really like the songs where he also raps, but that doesn’t mean that the instrumentals are any less good. He even uses some cool samples from Kanye West. If you like trap music and enjoy the overall laid back beats with nature sounds and RPG game aesthetics. Then this is totally for you!

Luuk’s pick – SMIB – Bakuhatsu

The collective SMIB from the Bijlmer Amsterdam have released their first album, titled : “Bakuhatsu” which means explosion in Japanese. And that is exactly what this album is, powerful beats with aggressive flows and lyrics. Their show on Eurosonic Noorderslag festival was named as best show at the festival. Artists like Sevn Alias and the Opposites have won that title before so these guys are something to look out for.

Jerry’s pick – Yung Nnelg – Contra

Yung Nnelg did it again. It began with the video clips for ‘Op Dreef’ and ‘Forrest Gump’. But January the 13 he released the entire album. He already proved that he isn’t only the rapper from ‘Chamos’ with his EP Fox P2, but with Contra he proved it again. It’s an album with eight total different songs. The album contains featuring by Bokoesam, Faberyayo and Ray Fuego. It’s a masterpiece of the rapper from the 1107, so go check it out!

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