Creating our own Zine at Zinecamp

Yesterday we’ve created our very own zine, and met a few nice people around the place at The Worm in Rotterdam, such as Zinedepo and Floor Milou Smit (illustrator). It’s important for us to let people know about the existence of our collective. We might meet new people who are interested in releasing any of their music and artwork on our label. Talking is the key for good teamwork!

Chris, Timo, Nick, Mac and me were very busy discussing which content we should place in the zine. It shouldn’t be all too difficult. It’s a nice and playful way to find out the work flow of each member in our team. It was neat we could make use of the printers and handy cutting equipment. It made things a lot easier and faster.

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After discussing what we should put into our zine, we’ve selected a few nice colored papers. Chris proceeded creating some cool illustrations for each page. I started printing a few pictures of the members of our team, and some pictures of the bands and artists on our label. Sebastian wrote a few poems. I was very happy to see people were interested in Osso Crosso. We’ve received positive feedback about it. It really motivates us as a team!


After some hard work creating it and finishing it, we had some struggles scanning all the pages. Please keep an eye on the news section, we will post the result very soon!

See you!

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