Our visit at the Dutch Design Week 2016!

It’s this time of the year; The Dutch Design Week! I’ve been all around the place, searching for potential artists, designers and musicians. I’ve met a few nice people. Such as Popcore (fave!), <a href="http://audeprevost click to read more.com/” target=”_blank”>Aude PrevostJuhee Hahm, Maxime Benvenuto and Sigve Knutson. A lot of creative, ambitious and friendly people! In this article I’ll write about their work and philosophy behind it, and of course, why you should check it out 🙂

Juhee Hahm

Juhee Hahm is a communication designer. She believes design is humanity, philosophy, psychology and anthropology. Her goal with the work displayed in the picture underneath is trying to let people communicate more in their daily routine. She explained that it’s a common thing when you leave a chair in the train, your backpack strap gets stuck in the arm chair. It’s a simple gesture for the person next to him, to help the passenger getting the strap out of the armchair. Juhee wishes these things to happen more often. People might socialize more this way. She made a costume with straps on it. You will probably get stuck all the time!





Sigve Knutson

Sigve Knutson is a Norwegian Designer with an interest for objects and object related subjects. His work deals with production and methods that allows him to work intuitively as a designer. The first thing what caught my eye, was the look of the products. It looks very fragile but when I touched it, it was very firm and strong material. Sigve is a nice and creative person. It’s definitely worth checking his website.



Aude Prevost

Aude Prevost is a French graphic designer specialized in information design, based in the Netherlands. She graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2016. She designed an app with GPS functionality. With this you can see which political activities are active in your surroundings. You can toggle between themes such as Freedom of Speech, Human Rights and Politics. By moving the toggle in the timeline, you can see what happened in past events. A very interesting way to find information about the country you want to know more about while you’re at it! I think the timeline concept is a great idea, which should be realised in a lot other GPS apps.

Information Collective from Aude on Vimeo.

[vimeo 181488153 w=640 h=853]

Maxime Benvenuto

Maxime Benvenuto is a French designer based in Eindhoven. In his works he deals with research, concept, space and products, in order to deliver sensitive projects that make sens to be. He investigates sensitive observation through the filters of diverse human sciences such as sociology, philosophy, psychology and anthropology. When I passed trough his work I felt a sense of relaxation. I spoke Maxime shortly after viewing his work. He said he wanted to create a sense of boredom with shapes and colors.




Last but not least; Popcore! Popcore is a programme of awe-inspiring events – founded by a diverse group of young talents. My classmate hinted me to pay a visit over there. I was positively surprised by their work! I really like the reference to the retro 90’s pattern influences and probably a bit of Vaporwave kind of inspiration. The person I spoke was a very ambitious woman with a lot of love for the team she works with. The bags they made really caught my eye. The use of recycled material an a pastel like color palette was really eye pleasing. Behind me was a photoshoot with a model. Also she was totally fitting in the picture. shortly; I admire the aesthetic of their work and the enthusiasm of the team. We’d really like to collab an event with them sometime.




The Dutch Design week was a interesting and fun way to interact and socialize with people from different places in the world. It was a good way to promote our collective.

Thanks for reading, and see you soon! 🙂

– Jules


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